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Urgench is situated in one of the oldest parts of Asia and has a rich history. Modern Urgench is situated on the border with Turkmenistan, but in the XI-XII centuries, this area belonged to the state of Khorezmshah, one of the Toprak-Kala-300x195largest in the world, and the town itself was situated to the South and was called Kunya-Urgench. Being the capital of Khorezm, in the XIII-XIV centuries it has survived the ravages of conquest by the armies of Chenghis Khan and Amir Temur, but for some time continued to struggle for existence.

However, the deteriorating weather conditions due to the change of the Amu Darya river has led to the fact that the drought began, and the inhabitants of ancient Kunya-Urgench were forced to move. So in the XVII century appeared Amudarya-300x224new Urgench.

From historical sights of the city only fortress ruins Toprak Kala, the ancient ancient settlement where in the III—IV centuries the palace of horezmshakh AD was located remained. Today fortress represents a squared construction, length half a kilometer. From more modern sights It should be noted the monument to the great mathematician, founder of algebra Mahomed ibn Musa al-Horezmi established in 1979 and the Memorial complex of Dzhaloliddin Manguberda, the national hero of Uzbekistan, the brave soldier and fair governor protecting the homeland from the Mongolian aggressors.

The main natural wealth of the region is the Amu Darya River – a great place for fishing and relaxing holiday – the sunsets here are fantastic! Due to its proximity to the Amu Darya and the network of irrigation canals Urgench is famous for its fruit orchards, appreciate the richness that you can visit the city DEHKAN Bazaar, striking comparative cheapness and abundance. Here in the assortment of delicious varieties of peaches, apricots and melons.

Urgench also boasts the fact that here was born Anna German pop star and idol of millions. The name of the singer even named one of the streets of her hometown.

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