Special offer for March 2019

Festival of Navruz !!! One of the favorite holidays in the Orient! It is celebrated by all peoples from Turkey to India!

It’s a new year, a new day! Celebrate this holiday with us!

Friends!!! You have a unique opportunity to see and even participate in the celebration of Navruz. Festivities like Kop Kari or Ulak – an equestrian game with a goat’s carcass, rams battle, as well as preparing festive oriental dishes according to the original recipes will not leave you indifferent!


The details of the program are here

Путешествие и отдых в Узбекистане от компании OLYMPIC TOUR ✈ Подбор туров для незабываемого путешествия ☎ (99871) 120-63-00; (99871) 120-64-00