Cities in Uzbekistan



Tashkent – the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Geographic coordinates – 41 ° 18’00 “N 69 ° 16’00” E
Territory – 334.8 km2
Population – 3 million
Altitude – 475 m

Tashkent, the capital city of the Republic of Uzbekistan – the large economic, political, scientific and cultural center of Central Asia.


 Status – the administrative center of Samarkand province
Geographic coordinates – 39 ° 39’15 “N 66 ° 57’35” E
Territory – 120 km2
Population – 519 000 (2016)
Altitude – 700 m

Samarkand is one of the oldest cities of the world, the capital of ancient Sogdiana, the legendary and fabulous city. Samarkand is as old as the ancient cities of Babylon, Athens and Rome. This city is more than 25 centuries old. During those centuries, the city has experienced a lot of great and


One of the most important and ancient cities of Central Asia, founded in I century BC, located in the lower reaches of the river Zarafshan – Kizilkum desert oasis. Data on ancient Bukhara contain in work of the great Arab traveler and scientist ibn Batuta (1304-1369) “Rikhl”, in notes of the Italian merchant and



Khiva is located in the ancient cultural oasis – Khorezm, in the north of Uzbekistan,the name of which means “Earth of Sun” and was first remarked in the I millennium BC, in holy book of Zoroastrians Avesta as «Hvairizem». Khorezm state was founded on the bank of the great river Amu-Darya and it is of the same age as Urartu and

Ferghana Valley

Ferghana Valley is a unique place of Central Asia where one can see sands, mountains and fields. The valley is surrounded by the Tian Shan range to the north and Alley to the south.



Shakhrisabz is a unique town-building and architectural monument of Central Asia.
It holds a special place among other historical cities of Central Asia.



Nurata is the administrative, economic and cultural center of most mountainous region in Navoi province. Nurata town lies at the foot of the Nurata Mountains, occupying 170 km, from Djizak town in the east to Navoi town in the west on the border with the Kizilkum desert.



Status – the capital of the Republic of Karakalpakstan
Geographic coordinates – 42 ° 27’53 “N 59 ° 36’08” E
Territory – 221 km2
Population – 303,000 (2016)
Altitude – 76 m

Nukus, the largest city and the capital of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, is located near the Aral sea. From the South and East the city is surrounded by the Kyzylkum desert. Archaeological excavations on the Ustyurt plateau discovered the remains of caravanserais and wells, lying on the Great Silk road. But the cultural layer of Nukus is much deeper – people began to settle here from the IV century B.C.



Termez is the cradle of Buddhism in Central Asia. Present Termez, which is the regional center of Surkhandarya province, was founded around Russian garrison fortress in the 19th century.

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