Silk Road Odyssey

Overview and description

karavan_saraiTravel on this trip will give you the chance to receive unusual impressions, to see untouched place time, to communicate with people, whose traditions leave in the deep past and are esteemed to this day.

You will start your journey from the ancient cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara. The centuries-old history is kept in chronicles of these distinctive cities. Tashkent represents a harmonious combination of the Past and Future. Architectural treasure of the Great Samarkand, comparable to a rich history of Rome and Babylon. Observable landmarks of Bukhara will make you plunge in to the city’s past.

In picturesque Fergana valley in Uzbekistan you will visit Kokand, Margilan and Rishtan cities. Your further way lies through the Osh city on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Osh, which is a famous trade point on the Great Silk Road, is 3000 years old. From Osh the travel will go on to the Pamir highway over the Taldyk pass (3 615 m). You will view a panorama of unique landscape and mountains of an extraordinary beauty. Climbing down through the pass to Sarytash place you will see the grandeur of Pamir’s snow pinnacles. The next part of your program will be in China.

The main part of the journey will be carried in northwestern part of China, in Xingjian autonomous region. In this majestic place are tangent eastern and western civilizations.

«The native land of dances and songs», «the native land of vegetables and fruits», «the native land of precious stones», «the native land of carpets» – these are about famous cities of Xingjian. Many tourists strive to get in to this majestic region to see the great architecture of Kashgar, Turfan, Kucha, Urumqi; breathe a heaven like spirit of the nature; familiarize with uygur handicraft art and dive into unhurried world of the East.

Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara – Tashkent – Fergana Valley (Fergana, Kokand, Margelan, Rishtan) – Osh – Sarytash-Kashgar – Kucha, Turfan – Urumqi

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