Adventure and Discovery Tours in Central Asia

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It’s the unique historical- geographical region satiated with turbulent stages of mankind evolution from Stone Age till present days, having both numerous remnants or ruins of big structures of former times and magnificent palaces extant up to our days and even old, towns with its narrow alley full of mysterious sensations.

World-wide treasury of world culture are the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara , Khiva, situated “in line” alongside of ancient caravan way known as the “silk way” connecting since times immemorial the civilizations of East and west. Central Asia is considered to be unique for its picturesque blossoming oases alongside of Zarafshan river, Kizil-Kum (red sands) and Kara-Kum ( Black sand ) deserts, amazing azure Lakes among the sand dunes-Aidarkul, Tudakul and Aral sea – somber reminder of managing the Nature.
Picturesque high-mountain gorges and ravines, green Alpine grasslands and lakes; varying magically the scenery of desert landscape. Our aim is to provide a fantastic experience and top quality service to our customers. We want to show you a different of Central Asia region, a great travel destination with lots of discovery and adventure opportunities. We will create unforgettable memories for your journey of a lifetime.

We have the largest choice of destinations and activities in Central Asia Region amongst all tour operators in the Central Asia. And below you will find the most popular tours:
Tracking to mountains Tian Shanya, Horse Tours, The Combined Tours, Bicycles Tour , Tour on jeeps and von mobile cars. Tracking on camels.

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Tour on Bicycles

Along western Tyan-Shan mountains, Pskem, Oygaing, Chatkal rivers and including visiting the cities of Tashkent- Samarkand – Bukhara.

Itinerary program for 10 days

Western Tyan – Shan is a mountainous area giving a real opportunity to hold tour on bicycles. An active part of this tour goes through the country roads along the Pskem, Oygaing and Chatkal rivers.

Time for Tour on Bicycles is June to October.