According to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan foreign citizens and stateless persons can enter Uzbekistan or travel through its territory for transit on the basis of entrance visas only.
Uzbek visa may be obtained in Embassies, Diplomatic missions or Consular posts of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad.

Exclusively for the next CIS states citizens – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia (where possible trans-border passport) and Ukraine, proceeds visa-free travel to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In terms of tour purposes the next visas types are available: touristic, business visa, work visa, transit visa.

Entry terms to Uzbekistan for foreign nationals
Validity of passport shall be expired at least 3 months over soon after a probable tour end
Tickets and documents for entry as well as for further trip
Visa required
Vaccination is not required

Papers, required to the Embassies or Consulates of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad to obtain entry visa to Uzbekistan for foreign nationals to be submitted.

For holiday trip:
Visa support – invitation from authorized tourist company, forwarded to Uzbek Consulate in your country by telex.
Filled online form in Russian, English or German language.
1 photograph
consular fee – consular fess amount within the limits of 40 USD up to 60 USD according to your residency.

Maximum papers consideration time to produce Uzbek visa amounts to 2-4 days.
Transit visa

To obtain transit visa foreign nationals as well as stateless persons, besides the above mentioned papers, need to hold country of stay visa along with the travel documents with confirmed departure date from Uzbekistan to country of stay. Visa papers consideration period in that event makes 3 days .

Visa support or invitation.
Visa support shall be arranged by the touristic agency. It should hold the license issued by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should approve the visa support. The paper shall be under the consideration in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan within 7 -10 business days. For Chinese nationals, Turkey and Afghanistan consideration period is from 15-20 business days. At the end of consideration period Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall forward an authorization by telex. It is sent either to Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan, where tourist makes plan to obtain visa. Touristic agency informs tourist regarding the visa support telex number.
Foreign Office is entitled to refuse authorization, without any reason for rejection produced at that.

Visa support for tourist visa receiving is not required for nationals of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Japan. For the nationals of above mentioned states was specified the simplified procedure to obtain visas, where provided the chance of individual application to diplomatic and consular establishments of the Republic of Uzbekistan in these countries for visas, that are entitled to decide visa issue subject absolutely within 2 business days.

Olympic Tour Serivce – happy to provide you visa support to obtain tourist visa to Uzbekistan, given that the certainly purchase of tourist services or hotel reservation via our company.

What is required and urgent for visa support?
To formalize visa support the company actually specified the next data regarding tourist as below:
Passport copy
Place of work – (in restrained terms – proof of employment)
Place of work address and office phone #
Country, where you suppose to obtain Uzbek visa
Arrival date
Departure date
The purpose of coming to Uzbekistan
The previous comings to Uzbekistan

Soon after the Foreign Office authorization obtaining, we are responsible to send you fax # via e-mail.
Thereon, when you receive telex #, you may apply your papers either to Embassy or Consulate.

For states, where no diplomatic missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, or for national with a time shortage, to obtain visa and attend embassy or consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan where located, (on presentation of plane ticket, that confirms the earliest flight date to Uzbekistan) the visa will issue in Tashkent airport according to produced by Foreign Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan written authorization.

In order to formalize visa support to obtain touristic visa in Tashkent airport, will be required plane ticket copy as well as the other papers.
Consideration period of visa support by Foreign Office is 7 – 10 business days. For Chinese nationals, Turkish and Afghani citizens the consideration period is from 15-20 business days. At the end of consideration period Foreign Office will issue the written authorization, that shall be forwarded to tourist by touristic agency. Such document will demand when passport control overpass as well as according to that the visa shall be packaged.

Visa cost for one person
Single entry visas

Up to 7 days                40 USD
Up to 15 days                50 USD
Up to 30 days                60 USD
Up to three months                80 USD
Up to six months                120 USD
Up to one year                160 USD

Note: for each extra visa frequency the rate of tariff rises in 10 USD.

multiple visas

up to six months                      150 USD
up to one year                      250 USD

Transit visas:

up to 24 hours       20 USD
up to 48 hours       25 USD
up to 72 hours       30 USD
for two-times transit visa       40 USD

Group visas (team shall consist not less than 10 persons, excluding kids under the sixteen years of age (16));

up to 15 days                            15 USD for one person
up to 30 days                            25 USD for one person

Above mentioned rates shall be paid in Consular department under the Embassies of the Republic of Uzbekistan in any country, where such is located or at International airport c. Tashkent. Visa support cost will variable according to the tour package, provided by our firm.

The minimum package is from 55$ up to 75$per one person according to customers number (from 1 up to 10 persons). The cost consists as follows: visa support, transfer airport – hotel- airport, hotel reservation (in Tashkent).

The base package consists: transport, hotel accommodation with breakfast, internal air ticket (if required), escort – guide-interpreter. In that event visa support cost is already incorporated as an element of company services and considered to be free of charge.

The full tour package consists all required services to travel round Uzbekistan (from airport till airport) Visa support is free of charge.

More information ….
Currently there have been approved the following mandatory requirements to proceed the registrations, for foreign nationals, arrived to Uzbekistan, the positive requirements for registrations as bellow:
1 Each tourist, obtained a touristic invitation (accordingly entered by touristic visa) is without right to be registered at relatives’, friends’ or pen-pals’ according their domiciliary.
2.Each tourist, obtained a touristic invitation (accordingly entered by touristic visa) is responsible to be registered in the hotel, within the 3 days since the day of arrival.
3. Each tourist on arrival to country of stay is responsible begins with the reserved hotel, to register officially in hotel and enjoy the registration (the registration #, stamped in the hotel). As well as responsible to retain the document obtained from each hotel until the presentation in airport when flight (tourist is responsible to carry such document along with the passport).

Journey on Uzbekistan by train or motorcar, may be connected with neighboring states borders crossing. In that event, tourists must have multiple visa, in order to avoid unacceptable delays in transit. Please prior to filing an application look over carefully your route.

Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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