Republic of Georgia

Sovereign Republic of Georgia

The major cities                                Kutaisi, Batimi, Rustavi, Zughdidi, Gory, Poti, Sukhumi, Tskhinvali

Form of government                        Presidential republic

Territory                                            69,7 thousand square km

Population                                        5,72 mln people

Currency                                            Lari (GEL, code 981)

Internet-domen                                .ge

Telephone code                               +995

Time zone                                         +4

Geography: Republic of Georgia is located on the south-east of Europe and occupy the central and western parts of Transcaucasia. Bounds with Russian on the north, with Azerbaijan on the east, on the south with Armenia and Turkey. Washed by the Black Sea on the west.

Capital: Tbilisi

Climate: On the west the climate considered to be as subtropical, half way from subtropical to moderate – on the east. The Climate in Georgia is favorable in terms of all year relaxation as well as recreation,the nature over there is rich with the continual plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, that is significantly important for visitants from the north regions as well as from the territories with bad environmental conditions.

In the territory of Georgia are positioned 14 state reservations, 8 national parks, 12 protected areas, 14 natural monuments as well as 2 protected terrains. The first protected area in Georgia was initiated in 1912. To-day the protected areas cover 7 % out of the area of Georgia (384 684ha). Around 75 % of protected areas occupied by forests.

Population: 5,72 mln. people. The Georgians -70,1%, Armenians – 8,1%, Russians- 6,3%, the other nationals- Azerbaijani people, the Ossetians , Greeks, the Kurds, Assyrians, Abkhazians and others.

Language: Georgian. To communicate with foreigners officially was adopted the English language. The major population are very well in Russian.

Religion: The Eastern orthodox Christianity (Georgia – one of the first states, adopted the Christianity as established religion in 337 A.C.),great tolerance and respect in terms of other religions, some Moslems are presented, as well as Catholics and others.

Currency: Lari. Banknotes nominated by 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 lari are in circulation, golden coins with the denominations of 500 and 1000 lari. The US Dollars are in vogue, in particularly in private sector. VISA cards are accepted in great hotels as well as supermarkets, Eurocard/Mastercard and Cirrus/Maestro cards are welcome in private shops, hotels, but in provinces to make payment by is practically impossible.

Currency exchange: Banks are operating regularly from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Visa: Visa formalization to Georgia – detailed information
Embassies: The Embassy of Georgia – detailed information.

Shops: Regularly operating from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., the major shops and supermarkets are available 24 hours. Fun-Fairs are available without days-off.

Custom regulations: Foreign currency import is not limited, the local currency – not over 25000 lari. The imported foreign currency export is allowed within a year since the date of arrive, the national currency – not over 3000 lari. Weapon import as well as explosives, drugs, book items, discredited political system, and video articles is forbidden. Export of items, presented historical and cultural value is forbidden.

Along the Caucasus regions, Georgia is among the places of discovery primordial human civilization monuments and considered to be as a place of origin of metallurgy. First ever in Georgia Georgian tribes confederation, and later on the Diaokha grown up as a state, mentioned in Old oriental manuscripts since the end of II century B.C.

Geographically Georgia is located across the two continents– Europe and Asia. Here run significant trade tracks of the Great Silk Route, connected East and West, North and South. Such fact considerably promoted the cultural and economic country development.

Georgia is the unique country, with a huge touristic potential ‐ extensive Black Sea shore, mountain, seaside, balneal and mud sanatoriums; archeological monuments, historical monuments, the monuments of architecture and art, many of them just no have analogues, as well as the long number of monuments of nature. And all it concentrated on small area, populated by hospitable and original people, as much far back along with the land.

Once visited Georgia you will find how the Georgian ethnic cuisine is varied, similar to Georgian vines; enslave the well-graced Caucasus peaks; enjoy the sweet polyphonic songs and national dances; visit museums and applied art shows, the local colorful bazaars, bake houses, smithy, sulfur bath, old shops.

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