Birdwatching Tour (8 days / 7 nights)

Overview and description

Our agency offers you our special Birdwatching Tour. It’s the opportunity to be alone with nature, and observe its important part – the birds.

Specialization: birdwatching and cultural tourism.
Duration: 8 days – 7 nights.

Cities to be visited: Tashkent (1 night) – Chimgan Mountains (1 night) – Samarkand (2 nights) – Bukhara (2 nights) – Tashkent (1 night)

Uzbekistan is located in the heart of the Central Asia. Our country is the most densely populated state in the Central Asian region. The unique nature of Uzbekistan has always attracted scientists, travelers and simply nature-lovers. The animals and plants that inhabit Uzbekistan represent the rich and varied biodiversity. Along with the cultural and historical heritage, Uzbekistan arouses interest for its wildlife, especially for birds. The fact that Uzbekistan lies on the crossing of the winter migration routs of birds from Western Siberia and Kazakhstan to Caspian region, Iran, India and Pakistan makes its avifauna really unique. More than 460 avian species can be found in our country. More than 265 species are nesting here. Among them there are 31 species which are critically endangered

Our agency offers you the opportunity to be alone with nature, and observe its important part – the birds. We are able to organize interesting and competent ornithological tour. Our tour covers most interesting and important places of birds’ habitat like forests and subalpine zone of Western Tien Shan, Chimgan Mountains, Kyzyl-Kum desert and lakes south of Bukhara. Here you can enrich your bird-watching experience with observation of large quantity of scarce birds.

Bird-watching tour starts in Chimgan Tract, which is 80 km. away from Tashkent. Here you will be able to observe a lot of birds, and Eastern Rock Nuthatches, Lessergrey Shrikes, Golden Orioles, Nightingales, Yellow-breasted Tits, Rufous-vented Tits, Hume’s Lesser Whitethroats, Rock and White-capped Buntings are among of them.

The area south of Samarkand, between the ranges of low hills, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places for bird-watchers. Visiting this place will allow you to admire Eurasian Griffons and Black Vultures soaring in the sky. These birds are building their eyries on the snowy peaks of the mountains. Lesser Grey Shrikes and Isabelline Shrikes, White-throated Robins, Eastern Orphean Warblers and Upcher’s Warblers occur in the broad-leaved bushes of the region. In grass you can observe Eastern Rock Nuthatches and Hume’s Sort-toed Larks searching for a food. Red-headed Buntings, Pied Wheatears and Asian Paradise Flycatchers are found in the crowns of tall trees.5454

Range of population of Night Herons, Shikras, White-winged Woodpeckers, White-capped Penduline Tits, Turkestan Tits and Eastern Oilvacous Warblers lies not far from Zarafshan national park. These birds are found in the riparian forests of different water reservoirs.


Not far from Bukhara, the spacious wetland with countless reeds is inhabited by Clamorous Reed Warblers and Caspian race of Common Reed Warblers. With careful search you can find rare inhabitants of the region – Marbled Teals and Pygmy Cormorants. White –tailed Plovers, Caspian Gulls, Red-crested Pochards, Purple Herons, Black-bellied Sandgrouses, and Bush are frequent visitors of these places. Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters, Long-tailed Shrikes, Pied Bushchats and Menetried Warblers are also found here.

In the West of the country lies Kyzyl-Kum desert. This desert is habitat of a huge amount of birds of Uzbekistan. Pander’s Ground Jay is one of the most rare birds of our region and it can be found here.

Together with our ornithologist you will resume the results of a day by making a list of the birds you have already seen during your bird-watching tour. All this information about the area and its inhabitants will help us in our wild-life observation activity.


Important! Information for the beginners.

Our company will take care about bird-watchers beginners. We will eagerly help those, who just became engaged in bird-watching.

In the beginning of our tour we will give you instructions about569

-How to use and handle binoculars and telescopes.
-How to conduct right in the wild-life
-How to choose proper outfit and equipment

Our professional ornithologists are eager to answer any question.

Explore and enrich your knowledge about the birds with Olympic Tour Service!

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