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Information for tourist about the best time to visit Uzbekistan. Spring and autumn (from mid-March to mid June and from mid August to late October). In cities in April already warm enough to +20 +22, aromas fill the air flowering fruit trees and fresh grass, while in mountainous areas. And, only the snow begins to melt and dissolve ephemeras. By late spring the temperature rises to + 30 in Tashkent and Samarkand usually cooler than in Bukhara and Khiva.
In off-season (from the middle of June – to the middle of August) tourists visiting Uzbekistan can receive a discount on tourist service. Even lower prices in the low season (from late November to mid-March).

The national currency of Uzbekistan – Uzbek sum. It’s course in relation to foreign currencies changes every week. We recommend to change currency only in banks and the licensed exchange offices. It is possible to cash money from cards (Visa card, Master card, traveler’s checks) in the central offices of banks, with charged tax (3%). For payment cards will accept only in hotels of category 4 * and 5*.

Customs regulations
Driving to Uzbekistan, you will need to fill out a customs declaration in 2 copies, one copy with the seal of the customs department remains with you, and you need to save it up before leaving home.

Do not forget to mention in the declaration of all imported currency, checks, valuable items. Cell phones, photo and video equipment, laptops and other electronic devices for personal use should be marked as used in the declaration . Allowed to bring no more than 5 jewelry with a total weight of not more than 30 grams.

Cash national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the entrance and exit is declared as follows:

up to 5 minimum wages – without necessarily making a customs Declaration form T-6;
* more than 5 minimum wage – with the obligatory introduction in the customs Declaration form T-6.

Import and export of cash national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan legal entities – residents and non-residents is not allowed, except the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the authorized banks with the permission of the Central Bank.

Export of cash foreign currency out of borders of the Republic of Uzbekistan is allowed:

1. To nonresidents – within the sum imported into the republic according to the customs declaration. Export of cash foreign currency over the sums specified in the customs declaration at entry into the Republic of Uzbekistan is allowed with the permission of the Central bank or authorized banks.
2. To residents:
* within the sum equivalent to $2000 – without obtaining permission;
* in the sum of equivalent $5000 – with the permission of the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan or authorized banks;
* over the sum equivalent to $5000 – with the permission of the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan or authorized banks.

Import of cash foreign currency to the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan  unlimited on condition of its obligatory written declaration.
The cash foreign currency imported in the sum of equivalent $5000 demands obligatory filling of the customs declaration. And the cash foreign currency in a size exceeding an equivalent of $5000  passed by customs authorities to the republic with certification of the TC-28 form.
Works of art and other objects that have cultural or historical value can be taken only by special permit issued by the Ministry of culture and sports of Uzbekistan.  Moreover, cultural values with age over 50 years, the export from the Republic shall not be.
In case of export souvenir products, it is necessary to show the check.

Ancient traditions of hospitality are at the heart of culture tourist service. Here you can find a variety of accommodations – from small family-run B & B, homely and inexpensive to private hotels and large hotels. Check-out time in the big hotels – 12:00 local time. On arrival the settlement takes place after 14:00. Breakfast is included in the room rate and is not compensated in the event of premature discharge or delay.
Leaving the hotel, do not forget to bring your passport. On the territory of Uzbekistan is the only document confirming your identity.

Photo and video of sites, objects of antiquity, museums usually is a paid service. Pictures in the subway, train stations and the airport is impossible, and in active mosques only with the consent.

Souvenirs and gifts is better to buy in designated areas in the bazaars or in boutiques at the monuments. In these stores you can find a variety of jewelry, folk artists from ceramic, metal, silk, items of national dress .

The market of Uzbekistan has three major mobile operator, with international roaming in many countries around the world under the brands: «Uzmobile», «Beeline», «Ucell», «UMS», «Perfectum Mobile» . For calls to Russia and Kazakhstan recommend the use of phone cards that are sold in kiosks and supermarkets.


On the market of Uzbekistan there are three main mobile phone operator, which have international roaming in many countries under the trade names: “Uzmobile”, “Beeline”, “Ucell”. To call Russia and Kazakhstan, we recommend the use of phone cards, which are sold in kiosks and supermarkets.


Uzbek cuisine is diverse and nutritious. It is based on meat dishes and various fragrant spices. Very popular traditional dishes as plov, manti, somsa, Naryn, Laghman, soup and meat. Huge selection of Oriental sweets and fresh fruit will delight gourmets. In autumn bazaars are full of delicious and inexpensive vegetables, fruits and melons. About 10 varieties of sweet melons, watermelons – all this abundance can be found on the market until frost. Restaurants with European cuisine is available in all major cities of the country.

Tipping is usually given to tour guides, translators, drivers, waiters and hotel staff.

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