Sovereign Republic of Armenia

The major cities                              Erevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor

Capital                                             Erevan

The official                                      Armenian

Form of government                      Presidential Republic

Territory                                          29 743 km²

Population                                       3.8 million people

Currency                                          Armenian dram (AMD,code 51)

Internet-domen                               .am

Telephone code                              +374

Time zone                                       +4[6]

Climate: The climate in Armenia considered to be as dry continental – long, cold winters and hot summer. The Temperature balance in January in between -12 and -15C or 10-23F, and sometimes may be dropped to -30C (-22F). In July the average temperature in mountainous areas to +10C (50F) and about +25C (77F) in lowlands. The annual downfall balance is in the range of 20-80 cm (8-31 inches). The highest peaks in Armenia covered with snow the year round.

Population: The population of Armenia is – 3.8 mln. Roughly the same amount resides in other world states.

Language: The official language is – Armenian, but the major population speaks in Russian as well as in English.

Religion: Armenia was the first world country, adopted Christianity as official religion in 301 A.C. In 2001 Armenia celebrated 1700-annnivaersary Christianity adoption.

Currency: The national currency rate of exchange – Armenian dram – is defined by the ratio to US dollar. The small coin is “luma”. One dram is equal to 100 lumas. The current banknotes are 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5 000 and 20 000 dram.

Visa: Visa obtaining to Armenia – detailed information

Embassies: The embassy of Armenia – detailed information

Custom regulations: Personal demand items may be imported to Armenia as well as exported from free from custom declaration. Both local currency import and export is forbidden. To import and export foreign currency without limitation, if the amount declared on arrival, is allowed. One must keep the declaration till departure. The amount over $10 000, or its equivalent in alternative currency, shall be transferred via bank. Personal items duty free import is allowed to the amount of maximum $500.

Electricity: The voltage is – 220 V, frequency – 50 Hz.

Armenia — is the Transcaucasia state, without access to sea. Country is situated on the Armenian northwest, called historical Armenia, between Black and Caspian Seas. From the north and east surrounded by Small Caucasus ranges. Borders with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey.

Armenia – is the primordial state in the world. For the first time the name of the country Arminiya was found in Persian tsar Dariy I wedge writing, governed in 522-486 y. B.C. Armins, called in Herodotus’ as armens, were existed, like one of the recent study hypothesis believes, Indo-European national, migrated to their birth-place from Europe via Asia Minor. Within the last three millennia Armenian national constantly fight for its being and independence against foreign capturers…

Armenia— is the first state, adopted Christianity as the established religion

Despite, that geographically Armenia is located in Asia, the country has the close political and cultural contacts with Europe. The region peak as well as the historical symbol of Armenia is — Ararat mountain —and situated since 1920 on the territory of Turkey.

Terrain in Armenia is at mostly upland, with rapid rivers as well as few forests. The total square Armenia occupied is the about 30 000 km², over 90 % of that stand on the height over 1000 m above sea level. The peak is Aragats mountain,— 4095 m, and the lowest is— 400 m above sea level. Country southwest the intermontane Ararat valley is located, the significant farming district.

Often Armenia was called as «outdoor museum». In the territory of Armenian republic, found 25 thousand of historical and cultural monuments, that represented the every time of human society evolution, since the megalith era.

Ethnic cuisine: The most requested course in Armenia – shishkebab, Shaslik, salads, flannel bread cakes (pita), dolma (rice and meat, milled and rolled up with cabbage leaves or grapes). Among the drinks the Armenians prefer fruit juices, vine, brandy and tan (yoghurt drink).

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